Savoury Recipes

Here you will find my alternative recipes using ground almonds, coconut flour or ground flaxseed instead of normal flour made from high carb grains. So far I have found an alternative for everything I used to eat and with a bit of trial and error have even better food now than I did before, my food has never been so nutrient dense. Hopefully these recipes will easily help you in the shift away from high carb foods that actually lack nutritional content. I love nothing more than baking nice things to eat or accompany meals with. I was ever so pleased to find out about all the wonderful recipes out there with no added sugar or grains so I’ve included a few. Christmas section is also full of alternative holiday treats so being a diabetic doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the festive fun. Plan for better blood sugars with what you eat and the rest falls into place pretty easily, not being able to have normal blood sugars will become a thing of the past and an old best friend you won’t have hanging around anymore.