Our Aim

Here at IWDU our aim is to help like-minded diabetics that want to take control of their diabetes and make a difference to their lives, family members, loved ones or their friends by getting some simple tips and advice that will include meal ideas, plans, recipes and the best places to get all we need to give us the tools to fight back. This will help us achieve optimum control of our diabetes and allow us to thrive just as so many others have already by removing excess carbohydrates from their diets. I enjoy a life filled with loads of adventures and fun in my spare time, I love nothing more than getting out on my kayak or speeding around the local mountain bike trails. Diabetes has never held me back, I try and swim once a week and enjoy walking around places like Snowdonia and the Lake District, I’ve even rode my bike up and down Mount Snowdon before.

The Problem so many of us are facing with diabetes is not an easy one. When our diet is made up of mostly fast acting carbohydrates our bodies need to produce more insulin or for us diabetics inject more to distribute the glucose that is in our blood stream from carb heavy meals. Insulin helps glucose find its way into our muscles and cells. Insulin is also a fat building hormone and excessive amounts as a byproduct of a diet loaded full of carbohydrates you get a dramatic increase of BMI and because of the weight you have gained at the same time increased insulin resistance. I have seen this first hand and I’m fully aware of the horrific complications diabetes can develop into.

My dad sadly passed away due to diabetes complications not long after his 60th birthday. All his suffering was unnecessary and caused us all great upset and my dad a lot of pain and illness. The last 18 months of his life he had a foot ulcer that we struggled to heal completely. We nearly beat it but it wasn’t to be. Our diabetes team didn’t have a clue about what to do and never intervened once and we were at the multidisciplinary centre for diabetes every week at the podiatrist. They just upped his insulin over the years to reign in his blood sugars since his accident as he was putting on more weight due to being less mobile now he was in a wheelchair and then became more resistant to his insulin. So their great idea was increase the insulin creating a very vicious circle that evidently caused his premature death.

Let’s roll back 5 or so years before he had his accident, he had reversed his type two diabetes with exercise and smarter food choices, lost over 5 stone and became and avid member of our local gym all this his own motivation. I’m lucky I’ve always been very active and slim so my insulin works great and now with the changes I’ve made it’s clear sailing. Our healthcare services advice is killing us with awful complications and in some cases people are dying 30-40 years sooner than they should be. All this whilst it lines the pockets of the massive pharmaceutical companies, doctors and specialist nurses who all make very good living out of juat sending us off on our own with damaging advice and in most cases a list of drugs we shouldn’t even need if we had good advice and simple education like we are  passing on through IWDU.

We need to ask why this is? It’s quite simple really, we are following the wrong advice. Look at the low-fat approaches we are told to follow as diabetics, we all know that the lower fat options of food are worse for us than anyone else, what they take out in fat is replaced by sugar, salt or additives. All three of those need to be avoided in excess amounts, foods with added sugar needs to be completely avoided and replaced with healthier alternatives from our food lists. We need to start eating whole foods again and drop all these quick fixes at meal times that we think we need for super fast energy to fuel our busy lives.

I had a shock at the lack of knowledge and support I received when I told my diabetic nurse and consultant that I had cut out excess carbohydrates from my meals. I was self funding a libre sensor and could show her perfect flat lines. I was thriving now and full of energy. She even said “99% of the people she sees wouldn’t be able to achieve what I just had in a month”. Again it really wasn’t that difficult because I had educated myself and decided enough was enough. It’s a real eye opener when you get to see what it’s like on the other side and the grass really is greener and you have bags full of energy all day that you never had before. Physical activity is so much easier to perform as you become leaner and stronger. Then when your overall health starts to increase from being tired most days and feeling low because your blood sugars are all over the place. I know I worry about the complications, it took me a few years to get the right mindset about diabetes and how to take care of mine. Then you start to feel better about yourself and are back in control of your own ship again you with normal blood sugars and a far easier ride to look forward too.