My Low Carb Journey


I started going low carb at the end of June 2017 using the help of dr. Richard K. Bernstein’s the diabetes solution. In the first two to three weeks I had reduced my hb1ca from 8.3% down to 5.3%. This was achieved by being smarter with my food choices and eliminating excess unnecessary carbohydrates. First you have to start by eliminating simple sugars, by this I don’t just mean table sugar but fast acting carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are what make our battle with diabetes even harder. The main aim of a diabetic is to keep our blood sugar levels in a non diabetic range. The Non diabetic range is between 4-7mmol based on a normal western diet loaded with carbohydrates and quick fix meals and sugar fixes to tackle our hectic day to day lives. If we all reduced our carb intake you would see blood sugars at and around 4.6-5.0 around the clock.

Since changing my eating habits and reducing my carbohydrate intake, which was a lot as I was very active and was matching eating to insulin. It should be the other way around. Match your insulin to your food and factor in reducing carbohydrates in your diet your need for those large doses of insulin goes. I am now more awake than ever, I have greater stamina and strength, my swimming ability has increased 2 fold. Eating cereals and fast acting carbs such as bread and pasta had me limited to around 700m in an hour swim session and fatigue would kick in. Since switching my eating habits and reducing my carbohydrate intake I now swim around 1250m in just over 45 minutes. I have now also introduced indoor cycling and core training using only 2 lightweight 6kg dumbbells to my routine now the cold and wet weather has set in. I also commute locally using only my bicycle or walking. I enjoy kayaking, mountain biking and walking in my spare time.

Carbs I avoid other than the obvious sweets, chocolate, fruit juices and sugary drinks.

* Potatoes and any root vegetables as these contain a lot of starch and carbohydrates
* Rice
* Pasta
* Bread
* Fruit (some berries are acceptable, depends on the individual and effect on blood glucose so test to find out what you can tolerate without a spike, I just avoid all fruit including tomatoes)
* Pastry and baked goods.
* Cereals
* Milk
* Beans, Onion and Tomatoes. (you’d be surprised how many hidden carbs there are)