Lunch Ideas

Lunch Times Made Easy

Lunches are just as simple, as we are all on the same page regarding carb amounts for each meal then we are aiming for 12g carb max at lunch. This is very easy to achieve with salad and protein source. The choices really are endless here you can also have a cooked meal if you have the time and just use one of low carb evening meal ideas. A few examples that I have on a regular basis are listed below. This is where my tasty low carb savoury cheese scones are a blessing in disguise. 12g can sometimes mean quite a substantial amount of salad if your using low carb varieties like lettuce and cucumber to bulk your salads up with. I find half of one of my scones very satisfying and a bit of a treat at the same time, which is also why I make my scones half the size now and just spread with butter, saves the cutting and no dry half left over either to wrap in cling film.

Lunch Ideas

Ham, egg and cheese salad. Again we’re usually aiming for around 6 ounces of a protein source here. 50g ham, 2 boiled eggs and 50g of cheese will have you on the right path. Again if you need more or less then add or subtract as required. I find this perfect for myself, add to that upto 12g carb of salad or 6g and Half a scone or a low carb chocolate muffin for afters with a dash of double cream. I have cucumber, iceberg lettuce, rocket, green bell peppers and some spring onion in all my salads. Sometimes it’s mixed leaf but making sure it’s around 1.5-2g carb per 100 mark or your removing some other salad item to make space. Season that up with salt and pepper and add some apple cider vinegar as a dressing.

Variations are endless. Another good one is 100g tin of tuna in spring water. Add either 2 boiled eggs or 1 egg and 25g of cheese sprinkled on your salad. Corned beef is another favourite of mine, you can either have all corned beef or add a bit of variety and chuck in a boiled egg or two as long as you stick to the same amount of protein you can mix and match what you like.

I also sometimes have a Lidl high protein roll with a small side salad. they come in at about 8g carbs per roll depending on the weight. they do vary sometimes so its worth keeping your eye our for the bigger ones and try and get all the same size. I also cut these into two and then wrap them up individually and put them in the freezer to keep them fresh. They take hardly anytime to defrost, I’ve even made a roll up when it was frozen when in a rush and just took it with me kayaking whilst it was still frozen. No need for a cool bag then.

After Dinner Treats

Who didn’t love jelly and ice cream growing up? The good news is, There is sugar free jelly that we can eat after every meal if we like. not sure you’d want to at breakfast but its awesome whatever time of the day. I always have around 15/30ml of fresh double cream poured over mine. Fantastic little treat or pudding. you can also have one of my low carb chocolate muffins. A whole batch of 8 using almond flour contains just 8g carb for the whole batch. Heres the link to the recipe (No Added Sugar Chocolate Muffins)

Just remember with treats, I have found that if you over indulge even though they are no added sugar there is no such thing as a freebie when you have fat and protein in what you are eating. Small amounts will go unnoticed but if you get too greedy. Even an 100g bar of 100% cocoa chocolate that’s only 8g carb for the lot will cause your sugars to spike if you ate the whole thing without enough insulin on board to cover it.