Key’s Tasty Low Carb Stir Fry


Serves 1

200g bean sprouts

1/2 350g bag of mixed vegetable stir fry (I use Sainsbury’s, lowest carb I could find per 1/2 bag)

150g cooked chicken breast

2 spring onions

1/2 a tsp Chinese five spice

1/2 tsp of salt and pepper chilli seasoning

tbsp of coconut oil

15ml light soya sauce to serve

Nutritional Info.    10g carbs per serving of which sugars 9.72g total protein 51.2g

  • First of all heat your wok or frying pan with the coconut oil, once it’s hot enough cook off your chicken. Making sure it’s cooked through properly. Remove from pan and check you have 150g of cooked chicken per portion you plan to make.


  • Bring your wok or pan back up to heat and add your chicken, veg stir fry mix and bean sprouts and cook for 5 minutes stirring every minute or so to allow even cooking.


  • Once it’s ready to serve add your spring onions, five spice, salt and pepper chilli seasoning to the wok and give it a good stir to evenly mix everything together, serve and add soya sauce


Enjoy 😉