This is where simplicity comes in to play and things become a whole lot easier, I need to tell you a few important bits of info first so stick with me. Like I previously mentioned in the intro to this site, I had struggled for some years with my diabetes, now after changing a few small elements i.e what I eat and don’t eat I’m starting to beat my diabetes and have almost normal blood sugars around the clock with no huge blood sugar spikes after meals.

If you’ve watched or read either of Dr Bernstein’s books or videos then you now know how easy it is to change your diabetes for the better and start thriving. If you haven’t then I strongly advise that you do before you think about making any of the changes advised on this site. The knowledge and learning just from watching his YouTube videos was completley mind blowing and so enlightening for me. Here’s the links again to his diabetic university which is completely free on his YouTube channel. (Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes University) and his book which has been around for over 20 years now and changed millions of diabetics lives all over the world (Dr Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution). You can also grab it on Kindle like I did and have it with you at all times. That cost me £6.99 and is probably the best investment I could of made for my diabetes ever.