In Loving Memory of my Dad

8C4D95DC-EA47-4DAB-8D23-D8FD552E41DE.jpegThis website is dedicated to my lovely dad the Reverend David McCarroll who sadly passed away and lost his battle with type 2 diabetes August 2017. My dad was only 60 years old when he passed and had struggled with chronic health issues for the last 5 years of his life after having an horrific road traffic accident that left him with an acquired brain injury and in a wheelchair. Although he lost the use of his legs and his diabetes came back after his accident. He never stopped fighting, I’m here to keep that fight going and hopefully beat my diabetes and help others at the same time. He was the most nicest man you could ever meet. He gave up so much for others not just his time but also his love and support to help those in need. He was a Roman Catholic deacon at our parish church of St. Austin’s Stafford and was the Roman Catholic Chaplain at our local hospital, where I was fortunate enough to help him do his job on the wards annointing the sick and supporting others in need. I had the honour of doing this for almost five years and it taught me so much. It wasn’t just a job for him it was his vocation and a gift from God. Will never forget you dad, miss you even more each day. Keep watching out for us all. All my love your Kizzy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx