Hypo Treatments

We will cover hypoglycaemia and treatments in this section because we can take a slightly different approach on low carb as the chances of severe hypo are greatly reduced because of the small doses of insulin we are taking and the fact that it is regular insulin for our meal coverage and not an industrial doses of rapid acting insulin.

I’m not going to confuse people and go into the old methods we are taught for hypo’s as things may get a little confusing. As I mentioned above we can take a different approach now when it comes to treating hypo’s. I use glucose tablets to treat any low blood sugars I have, you don’t have to use glucose tabs but wants to be a glucose containing product like liquid glucose or a sports drink lucozadeI don’t really say hypo anymore because they are nothing like the hypos I used to have and two glucose tablets get my sugars back to where they need to be quite quickly. I use dextrose glucose tablets and each one contains exactly 4g of glucose. these are also very cheap and I get them in double packs for £1.10. Depending on my level of physical activity or what I’m doing this is usually enough to straighten my glucose levels back to normal levels.

Other low carb T1’s including Dr Bernstein use liquid glucose in measured amounts just the same as I do with my glucose tablets. however its not as popular over here in the uk and is quite expensive compared to glucose tablets.

For severe hypoglycaemia we have an injection here in the U.K (Glucagen) that can be administered via injection under your skin just like insulin. This is Glucagon and it works by triggering the liver to release stored sugar, raising blood sugar levels in around 10 minutes according to the manufacturer, I’ve never had to have a severe hypo treatment and I count myself very lucky.


Key Points

  • Always carry glucose with you to treat a low blood sugar
  • Check your blood sugars with your glucose meter to confirm hypo unless its, if your experiencing a really low blood sugar always take your glucose or hypo treatment first then check your blood sugar.
  • Treat accordingly, don’t just eat everything in some as this is never needed when your following Dr Bernstein’s method. If you’ve read the book you will have worked out how much 1g of glucose raises your blood sugar so follow your guide for treating hypo’s this will have become second nature In now and you will exactly how much glucose to take.
  • glucose works faster with a drink of water or sugar free fizzy drink.
  • don’t lie down, sit up, if you’re on your own and need help call for emergency help by dialling 999 or you country Emergency services.


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