Evening Meal Ideas

Evening meals are where I tend to get most of my vegetables, these not only provide a tasty side to your main but are also packed full of essential vitamins and minerals that we need to keep our bodies functioning at its best. They are also our main source of fibre and help maintain our digestive system and keep us regular. I have things like chicken tikka masala with either broccoli and curly kale rice (from Iceland) or 350g broccoli. I don’t miss rice one bit, I certainly don’t miss the big insulin lump that I used to get from having to have a massive dose just to eat a bit of rice (naan bread nearly contains just as many carbs). Then your chasing high blood sugars for the next few hours at our most sedate part of the day too. Who’s going jogging after a curry?? I know I wasn’t. I also get to eat sausage, bacon and egg when ever I want. Pile up the fried mushrooms (in butter of course) rib eye steak, gammon, nice marinated chicken breast with salads. Sunday roasts with pigs in blankets just skip the spuds and load up on cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and any other low carb greens. Not forgetting the mint sauce, I get a sugar free one from B&M that uses a sweetener rather than sugar. All these are obviously own personal preferences, the choices are absolutely endless. It’s all about ditching the useless carbohydrates that cause us diabetics the most problems. Even if you are not diabetic you would beniefit hugely from missing them out of your meals.

Obviously you can mix it up and include salad’s, soups and stews just becareful of starchy vegetables and thickening agents like corn flour when selecting your ingredients. Who doesn’t love a salad in the summer or a nice bowl of soup or stew when the colder months are upon us. What I did first was to make a meal plan keeping as many of the foods I enjoy eating and removed the bad ones that will cause my blood sugars to spike. This was relatively easy with the help of doctor Bernstein’s book and some common sense. I also searched around the internet and found alternative recipes to my favourite dishes which I have included in the savoury recipe section on here to give you a little head start. You need very basic cooking skills as well, nothing I cook is hard or time consuming, in fact it actually saves me a lot of time now and even money.

The golden rule is to aim for 6g carbs at breakfast with enough protein to keep you satisfied till lunch, then 12g carb with your dinner and again enough protein to keep you satisfied till your evening meal. Again 12g carb for you evening meal and again enough protein to keep you satisfied and provide your body with its essential building blocks it needs to maintain, thrive and grow.

You may think that the carb amounts are low but in fact when you start making your meal plans and weighing out what you need to, to get the portion size correct you’ll be surprised just how much you could end up actually eating. A 12g carb salad is nearly a whole plate full, add chicken, a juicy rip eye steak, cheese or eggs to that salad and you’ve got a feast. Then we look at maybe making the portion of salad smaller and adding a low carb desert. I personally like to have some sugar free jelly and double cream or some of my no added sugar chocolate truffles to make up my 12g carb. The main thing is the whole stress and kaoss we experienced before chasing high spikes and huge doses of insulin becomes a thing of the past and disappears.