Breakfast Ideas

Lets get stuck into the nitty gritty, for my breakfast I keep things simple and have either 2 scrambled eggs and 3 rashers of thick cut smoked back bacon or a 3 egg omelette with cheese everyday. Sometimes instead I have a bit of bacon, sausage and eggs if I have some left over cooked sausages in the fridge or for a complete treat some low carb waffles made using ground almonds. Instead of toast I would now have two low carb waffles or two pieces of my low carb power bread toasted, the waffles only contain just over 1g of carb each so you are way under your 6g goal this way, the same as the low carb power bread, I always find in the mornings I need very minimal carbs as my body is throwing me a curveball with the dawn phenomena and this just makes things a lot easier and keep my blood sugars hovering in optimal range. These 2 options also provide you with a good source of fibre as well so it’s an all round win. You don’t have to do the same but its a very simple way to start the day, a plain omelette has  3g carb from the eggs so you can add all sorts of extra’s to it to make it even more tasty. My favourite is cutting up slices of smoked ham, salami and pastrami or whatever is in the fridge for an extra meaty kick. Things like peepers, mushrooms and courgettes work very well if your vegetarian and want to add a bit more variety to your omelette. It’s also an ideal way to start your day if the dawn phenomena is a bit potent when you first wake up, adding carbs at breakfast just makes things harder. As we all know only too well it can sneak your levels up if not caught and dealt with as your body gets itself ready to wake up and start the day. If you have an egg allergy then this approach won’t work for you, if you don’t like eggs or have an allergy to them then try out my Cinnamon, Nut and Seed Yogurt or you could have bacon, sausage and mushrooms without the eggs up to your required amount of protein as worked out from Dr.Bernstein’s meal plans. Below I’ve listed some other options for you to try out for breakfast or even brunch in some cases. Enjoy 🙂


Here’s some other handy low carb breakfast ideas and recipes from some of my favourite low carb recipe sites.

(Low carb breakfast casserole with sausage from Step away from the carbs) Some excellent recipes on Step away from the carbs hit the link below for their home page.

(Low Carb Waffles from Leave out the Xanthan gum to reduce carbs further. I’d have these with some poached or scrambled eggs and some smokey bacon for a savoury kick. You can also have them with a sweet flavoured sugar free syrup that you can buy online for a sweet treat or as a desert, I add plenty of cinnamon to mine.

(Bacon Spinach and Tomato Ricotto Frittata) Leave out the Tomatoes)  There is a really small amount of tomatoes in this reciepe I personally would be leaving them out and wouldn’t have any in the pantry to include as they are on the no no list of foods.

(Low Carb Pancakes from Again the choices are really endless in what you can have with these. I’d be more inclined to have some butter and sugar free syrup with these. Maybe even a slice of smoked bacon.

(Low Carb Egg Muffins wrapped in Bacon from Another amazing recipe from this might take a little longer to cook but its definitely worth the extra little time and effort.