Welcome to it won’t diabeat us, where we believe that every diabetic deserves to have normal blood sugars. When we talk about normal blood sugars we are referring to 4.6 mmol/L or 83 mg/dl this is what healthy non diabetics run at if not consuming high carb/junk food full of added sugars. Before I found Dr Richard K Bernstein’s approach to normalising blood sugars seeing a blood glucose reading of anywhere in the 5’s or 90’s was like chasing a rainbow I hardly ever saw one, that soon changed and now I run comfortably around the mid 4’s low 80’s most of the time with less work on my diabetes management than ever before, it’s like a dark cloud has been lifted and things are clearer now and a lot easier to manage. No more dreaded hypos out of the blue or chasing down highs that make you unwell and absolutely drained. I save my rollercoaster rides now for the theme park and not on my Dexcom display. Here at IWDU we want others to thrive and start winning the eternal battle that we as diabetics face on a daily basis. I’m finally beating mine now after making some very small changes to what I eat, the insulin I use to cover my meals and my lifestyle. Thankfully there are some amazing human beings that have dedicated a lot of time, effort and in some cases their whole lives in the hope of beating diabetes and helping others live very long and happy complication free lives. Now that we can all instantly access and use this ever changing information we can all start to beat our diabetes just like so many others have been doing for decades now. Diabetes can be a chronic illness if not treated properly and certain lifestyle changes are implicated. Most if not all diabetic complications can be avoided if we can all achieve normal blood sugars and changing a few simple things is all it takes. It is not the death sentence we were once told that it was. With what we know now there is no need for anyone to have to go through the same struggles I went through with my diabetes early on and hopefully this site will save you the heartbreak me and my family have experienced at the hands of diabetes as well.


Making Small Changes

We need to change our approach to diabetes and our lifestyles rapidly if we are to stop the inevitable from happening. It’s not as hard as you think either, we’re here at IWDU to help make it as easy as possible by pointing you in the right direction so you can educate yourself, grab handy recipes so you can still enjoy nice food and occasional treats, give you meal plan tips and also help improve your diabetes by making the small changes necessary to thrive and become captain of your own ship once more whilst achieving normal blood sugars and loving life again, it really is quite simple and were going to show you how. A very well known type one diabetic has been doing this now for over 40 years and is the fountain of most of my diabetes knowledge of late and probably one of the most genuine, kindest people you will ever meet, he is also responsible for my positive outlook regarding my own type one diabetes. This remarkable person is Dr Richard K Bernstein who is an american Diabetes Expert, Pioneer and Endocrinologist from New York. Give his Wiki a quick read via the link above and you’ll be very pleasantly surprised that diabetes doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom like we have been told.


The Bigger Picture

We have seen diabetes sky rocket all over the globe in the last 30 years. The figures are absolutely shocking and at epidemic levels now, did you know in 1985 people affected by diabetes around the world was around the 30 million mark, fast forward 30 years and that figure is now a staggering 422 million and still growing. Why is this? Lets look at what’s changed first, over the last 30 years we now follow different dietary advice. Eat well plate is completely riddled with bad advice and food choices. The advice of following a low fat approach has only lead us to processed high carb foods that are loaded with more salt and sugar to replace the fat. We are now getting the complications associated with being a diabetic even in non diabetics. Steering us away from naturally healthy whole foods is the craziest thing I have ever witnessed. We even have type 2 diabetes developing in children now as obesity as crept into our youngest members of society. Our consumption of fast food, high carbohydrate meals, eat well plate and unnatural diets are killing us. If we look at that figure again 422 million in just 30 years you can see its no where near ending soon. In fact this number will reach over 640 million by the year 2040. were almost at half a billion people now suffering from diabetes and it’s complications unnecessarily.

I’m dedicating this site to the memory of my lovely amazing dad who sadly passed away in August 2017. He was my superstar, superhero, rock and best mate rolled into one. He spent his whole life helping others, from his working life as hospital chaplain to his role in the diaconate where he was Roman Catholic deacon at our local church.  He was only 60 years old when he passed away. His type 2 diabetes had returned after he had a terrible road traffic accident and he suffered with various very painful diabetic complications towards the end and sadly his body gave up the fight. This is why its important not to just give in when it comes to your diabetes and make the small changes and harness your inner power to beat it. Stand proud and tall my friends we were born special for a reason. We are all here to help each other, one of the best sites for diabetes advice is The Forum and information available on there is unbelievable I strongly suggest joining and getting involved. It’s like a fountain of unlimited diabetes knowledge. There is also a helpful links section with plenty more useful links to a whole lot more diabetes goodness.

Getting Started

My strongest piece of advice if you want to achieve normal blood sugars around the clock and see that nice flat steady line around the clock like the one on my Dexcom G6 System in the pictures below is to reduce your carb intake now to the recommended amounts that Dr Bernstein advises. He has been following his own method for over 40 years and is one of the healthiest diabetics on the planet. He invented self glucose monitoring, low carb diet for diabetics and reversed many of his deadly diabetic complications including advance kidney disease, retinopathy, neuropathy and gastroparesis. He has been practising this in his own surgery since the early 1980’s and has thousands of patients with normal blood sugars who are thriving with diabetes with no sign of complications. They run their own lives not the diabetes running it for them. Before you do make any changes you need to educate yourself properly and start by watching Dr Richard K Bernstein’s video’s on his YouTube channel via this link here Diabetic University. You also need to be able to adjust your own insulins levels as well, because you will only need a mere fraction of the insulin you were using before. Also I’d strongly advise you give his book Diabetes Solution a good read. It covers everything you need to know to get yourself on the right track and beating your diabetes once and for all. He is in no doubt the worlds best and most qualified diabetes doctor and expert we will ever have the pleasure of educating us. He is an 84 year old type one diabetic himself with perfect blood sugars and is fitter and healthier than most 30 year old non diabetics I know and still runs one of americas busiest diabetic clinics working full time at his age speaks for itself really.


little peek at my blood sugars from waking up and after eating breakfast, perfect flatline.


Again after my evening meal, just a lovely flatline with no blood sugar spikes. Once you get away from the massive amounts of carbs and off the blood sugar rollercoaster these stop being a once in a blue moon occurrence and happen every single day.

another little peek at my after dinner (evening meal) blood sugar levels. again flatlines.



Thanks for dropping by to take a look, We hope you all have a happy and healthy new year from all of us here at IWDU, peace and goodwill to one and all. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask via the contact us section linked here.


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